Top 5 Unheard-of Cities to Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)

Top 5 Unheard of Cities To Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)


Every time you plan your travels, the first cities that you think of are the huge metropolitan ones. Be it Paris, London, Rome or Madrid, those are the cities everyone is curious about. However, there are many more hidden treasures on the European continent that you should consider adding to your bucket list. Those cities have their own charm that will allure you to explore every inch of their culture, food and history. We bring you the top 5 cities you never heard of but should visit according to TripAdvisor.


Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Five-European-Cities-Youve-Never-Heard-Of_700x525-Mostar_Bosnia Top 5 Unheard-of Cities to Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)
Old Bridge

TripAdvisor named our own hometown as one of the top ones. We are delighted and honored to see our beautiful Mostar on the list. They have described it as a perfect place to get a literal taste of local culture. Furthermore, they add the mesmerizing river Neretva, the beautiful and historical Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture. In addition to the amazing views, that should be enough to leave you stunned. Moreover,  they added the reconstructed UNESCO protected Old Bridge  to the list. Finally, TripAdvisor praises the delicious local food and the amazing hospitality. You should try the local food ‘‘ćevapčići” in the heart of the old town and the culture.


Annecy in France

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Five-European-Cities-Youve-Never-Heard-Of_700x525-Annecy_France Top 5 Unheard-of Cities to Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)

Located in France, ”Venice of the Alps” or Annecy is another beautiful town you should visit as soon as you can. TripAdvisor has praised the Old town that has an unique charm. Furthermore, they commended the lakes that are one of the clearest in Europe. You can explore the shops in the old town or try the local flavors while eating in picturesque settings. Raclette, fondue and homemade sausages are just some of the delicious dishes you can try. TripAdvisor recommends to pack up for a picnic and take a bike around the Lake Annecy or hike up to the Gorges Du Fier. Moreover, you can set a table on cobblestones and take a look at the canals that go through the town.


Split in Croatia

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Five-European-Cities-Youve-Never-Heard-Of_700x525-Split_Croatia Top 5 Unheard-of Cities to Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)
Diocletian Palace and sea view

Being in a relatively close proximity to Mostar, the largest city on Adriatic has also been put on the list. They praise Split‘s beautiful UNESCO protected Diocletian palace. Additionally, the amazing sea views from the restaurants and shops will surely impress you. Walk through the Old part of the city and try the local wine or enjoy the amazing sea food. For adventurers, TripAdvisor recommends to try the hiking on Marian Hill or visit the waterfalls of Cetina river.


Riomaggiore in Italy

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Five-European-Cities-Youve-Never-Heard-Of_700x525_Riomaggiore_Italy Top 5 Unheard-of Cities to Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)
The architectural style

This small town located in the Italian Riviera has caught the eye of TripAdvisor staff. Part of the five villages of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore has some amazing sea scenery views. All five villages are connected with trails ready to be explored. You can try on your own or take private tours as you walk through the vineyards and villagesTripAdvisor praises the sublime views you can experience during the hiking. Moreover, they commend the food and wine that you will surely need after those long walks.


Riga in Latvia

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Five-European-Cities-Youve-Never-Heard-Of_700x525_Riga_Latvia Top 5 Unheard-of Cities to Visit in Europe (TripAdvisor)
The square

Another one on the list, but equally important is Riga, Latvia. TripAdvisor describes it as the place where the cultural traditions and cutting edge amenities meet. It is the biggest city of the Baltic. They praise the Old Town including the places like Latvian National Opera and St. Mary’s Dome Cathedral. TripAdvisor also commends the unique and diverse food that is a result of many former rulers. Finally, they recommend the Gallery Park Hotel & Spa, as it is protected by UNESCO and it is  a Latvian State Monument.


source:  TripAdvisor

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