The Best Travel Photos – A Few Tips for Success

Creating and sharing the best travel photos become a part of our everyday life.  Many of us will use our days off for traveling somewhere where we will open new prospects and see all sorts of interesting things. All this creates beautiful memories and memories that, thanks to the photographs, remain recorded and transformed into true art. Whatever reasons you lead, we bring a few tricks that will help you in creating beautiful pictures to be proud of. It doesn’t matter whether you have a DSLR camera or a smartphone, it is crucial that it’s skillfully and wisely used.

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Playing with colors and contrast to get the best travel photo

With the perfect photograph of rich colors expanse in the midst of wild nature or the photo view of the city from the terrace of a tall building, you can always point out the most striking details. You can emphasize the deep tones and blurred background or parts of it to achieve depth.

Nidje veze and hit booker mostar present the best travel photos

Perfect light in interiors for your best travel photo

Often when traveling we see the perfect interiors that took your breath away. The perfect combination of details that fit caused astonishment when they see it. Surely you would like to create one of the best travel photos right there and then.

If you are shooting interiors in a Parisian cafe or you’re in a restaurant decorated in Scandinavian style, you should be careful when you do it. The best photos of interior occur during the day when there is a lot of natural light. Do not take pictures to the windows and try to cover the most beautiful details. In processing the photographic, emphasize exposure and contrast until the ultimate effect is reached.

Dubrovnik-Luxury-Residence-Hit-7 Create best interior travel photos

Golden Hour

Sunset is called the “golden hour” for a reason. When you grasp the moment of perfect light, you can be sure that you have to step up to stunning photos. Soft light at sunset always looks good whatever the motive of your photos is. No wonder many of the best travel photos are created at sunset.

holiday resort medo drinovci grude

Do not escape from saturating

Do not be afraid of color saturation. Especially when it comes to sunset, feel free to emphasize color and turn up their intensity. Turn back to details emerged in the forefront. Mostar Old Bridge in the sunset will give you plenty of opportunities.

Stari most

The Best Travel Photos of Food

When it comes to food golden rule is to photograph from above. Make sure that you have enough light coming from the side. If you were not able to meet all the conditions for a beautiful picture, do not take pictures at any cost, but wait for a better time and a better environment.  Moreover, if you are visiting Herzegovina we can guarantee you will have more then enough occasions to shoot your best travel photo. Choose Local Dinner Tour and shoot photos of local food 


Record spontaneous moments

The best photos will be achieved by taking a spontaneous and simple moment. Look around, see what is in your environment and you will find certainly something nice. When you observe a moment worth remembering, note that the camera of your smartphone. Shoot spontaneous moments that tell stories and that will cause a reaction. Spontaneous conversations, smiles, interesting, firmament and everything else you come across, and what it has so much vibrancy and vitality make every situation in the attractive frozen moment. Artificial smiles and furnished facial mimics do not reveal the beauty of the moment you are in a sense taking pictures is just that – record the beauty of the moment.

Hit Booker Ceveljusa Waterfalls

Trust your eyes and be unique

Of course, there is a lot of places that are mostly the main object of photographers. But if you open your eyes you will see that beauty is special, attractive and easy – photogenic. Always try to think outside the box and look for beauty where they found it rare. But no matter what, enjoy the moments while you are traveling and you will get the most perfect photos. Join us on Historic Her

Would you like to join us on one of our tours and explore your photo skills while enjoying an amazing history and landscapes?  Chose one of the tours from the list or let us know what would you like to see and we will create a custom made private tour just for you. 

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