The Best Pizza Places in Mostar

I get it.

You probably didn’t come to Mostar for the pizza. But when your stomach unexpectedly says it’s pizza time, you can hardly ignore the call.

Pizza hunger doesn’t care about geography. It can strike you in Brooklyn, Naples, Rome, or Dubrovnik but it can strike you in Mostar too.

When that happens, don’t panic; Mostar hides some great pizza places.

As a local guy who has tried pizza in almost every corner of the world, I handpicked a few places with good pizza in my hometown.

To be more specific, three places with the best pizza in Mostar.

So, let’s start with the obvious one…

Restaurant Megi

High-Quality Ingredients   | Original Approach   |    Good Vegetarian & Vegan Options

When friends ask me to choose THE best pizza in Mostar only by taste and the quality of the food, I always say the same thing – MEGI.

This small trattoria is located near the main food market and they use their location brilliantly. Their pizzas are well-planned combinations of unique dough and fresh ingredients. Looks like Megi made for their life goal to make not just tasty pizzas, but healthy ones too!

Yeah, you read that right, healthy pizza.

For example, Nordica, one of their best selling pizzas, is a hybrid of Italian and Scandinavian cuisine. It’s grounded with homemade tomato sauce and covered with salmon carpaccio. Spruced up with olive oil and a touch of blue cheese.

When you see the quality of the ingredients on this pizza you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that Italians and Northman’s have a long average life expectancy. They make healthy food that tastes delicious.

Just like Megi does.

Local Tip: This place with the best pizza is usually crowded, so if you plan to eat here I suggest you reserve the table.

Pizzeria Porto

Perfect Location     |   Variety of Options     |    Local Pizza Twist      |     Reliable Delivery

On the opposite corner of the city, not so far from the Old Bridge, you will find the most iconic pizzeria in Mostar – Porto.

Why is it so iconic?

Well, they were one of the first restaurants in Mostar after the devastating Balkan War in the nineties, and when all of the pioneers in pizza making fled, they were the only ones still in the game.

When a business survives, improves, and grows for 20 years, that is a clear sign of excellence to me.  

If you’re still in doubt should you eat pizza or something local, I challenge you to go to Porto and try their Mixed Pizza – an authentic, Bosnian-style pizza.

Just like the original Napoletana, authentic Bosnian pizza is made in scarcity. After the war, our moms made pizza with the cheapest cheese, cheapest sausage, and mayo (probably to cover up the real taste).

Today, when our moms don’t make pizza anymore, we go to Porto to relive the whole experience, and damn, it’s still so good.

Local Tip: If a waiter asks you “Do you need mayo?” say YES. It’s how we eat pizza here in Mostar.

Niđe Veze

Unique City Vibe    | Sharing Pizza Options    | Reliable Delivery

Another good pizza option near Old Town is Niđe Veze.

Unlike the previous two restaurants, this is a relatively new place. They opened a few years ago and since opening they didn’t need much time to attract people, I mean a lot of people.

Young, old, tourists, locals, hipsters, Instagram influencers – they all come here for some reason.

Truth is, there is nothing original nor authentic in their pizza offer. Like many other pizzas around the globe, it’s just unpretentious, delicious, and acceptably priced pizza.

But when you combine the smell of pizza with the sound of the river in an open city garden then you get the elements of a contagious atmosphere. Niđe Veze smartly combined these elements to attract people and provide them with good food and fun times.

Local Tip: Sharing is a thing here, go for the jumbo-sized pizza and share it with your friends and family.

As you can see, the list is short and there’s a very good reason for a narrow selection like this. I don’t want you to have just a good meal, but to experience Mostar in the best possible way.

Closing Words

There are a lot of restaurants in Mostar that serve pizza. But only those three that I highlighted offer memorable pizza, good atmosphere, and professional service in a consistent manner.

To illustrate the depth of our research I will add a couple of the restaurants which were close to reaching the list. For different reasons, they were still not ready for the Mount Rushmore of pizza in Mostar.

Speedy Gonzales – Not an actual place but a craft pizza delivery business. Incredible business story and a solid pizza, but not up there yet.

Il Buono – Pizza-by-the-slice restaurant with excellent pizza. But since they didn’t reach popularity with the locals, I excluded them from the conversation about the best pizza in Mostar.

Rivero – A restaurant with traditional food which offers a quality pizza. Bad location and lack of consistency are the reasons why they are down here.

Food House – Good Capricioza, awful Al tonno, a good margarita, bad Quattro Formaggio. You get some really good options, but there is a big possibility for you to make the wrong choice.

Roma – Five years ago they were one of the best, but not anymore. A good replica of Roman-style pizza and that’s all.

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