See it, experience it, enjoy it!

If you heard about Mostar than you probably heard about Old Bridge too. A beautiful sight to see which amazes everyone who comes to Mostar.

Old Bridge

If you heard about Mostar than you probably heard about Old Bridge too. A beautiful sight to see which amazes everyone who comes to Mostar. The bridge was built in 16th century by Ottoman Empire but it was destroyed in the Croat–Bosniak War in 1993. Original bridge was built by famous Ottoman architect Mimar Hajrudin who built many of the key Sultan’s buildings in Istanbul. After it was destroyed, bridge was rebuilt as an original and opened on 23 July 2004.

The bridge, as a symbol of the city, is located in the center of the Mostar. It is crossing the beautiful river Neretva and connecting two different parts of the city of Mostar. The bridge is surrounded by beautiful Ottoman towers, old buildings and Muslim mosques. They create unique sight to see that you need to experience it to understand it. Old Bridge is one of the most popular objects for professional and amateur photographers to take pictures off. But words and pictures alone can’t bring you the real experience of seeing it in person and enjoying it.


Today, Old Bridge is listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the most recognized objects of the whole country of Bosna and Herzegovina. Except that it represent symbol of the town, Old Bridge is also a symbol of connections between two different cultures, two different worlds, between West and East.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Old Bridge is also known by traditional annual diving competition. It is organized every year in mid-summer (end of July) and it has been done more than 480 times. It is traditional for the brave men of the town to leap from the 24m bridge into the river Neretva. As the Neretva is very cold river and the gap between the river and the bridge is 24 meters, leaping from it is very risky. People who want to attempt it must be very brave to do it. But don’t worry, if you want to see people jumping from it you don’t need to come on that specific day when competition is held. You can see professional jumpers leaping from it almost every day on the summer. Besides that, since 2015 Old Bridge has become the tour stop in very famous competition the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

See it, experience it, enjoy it!

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