Restaurant MM the taste of tradition

Whatever you choose to eat in Mostar, we assure you, the restaurant „MM“ is a place where no mistakes can be made

We are all aware that the Americanisation of markets influenced the food habits of many by introducing fast food.

Traditional cuisines are slowly being forsaken, simultaneously neglecting the tradition inherited to us by our ancestors.

Since we cannot progress, but to adapt to the symptoms of globalization, why not connect the best of both worlds?

What if we tell you that you can experience the virtues of „slow food“ when in a hurry to eat something quickly?

In search of that, we went to the national restaurant „MM“. 

Did our assumptions appear to be the truth? Let’s dive into the review to find out!


The restaurant is situated in the street of „Mostarskog bataljona 11“ which connects the 2 of the most beautiful city squares, the „Spanish square“ and „Musala square“.

The exterior is decorated in a modernistic manner, according to the promenade surrounding it. 

The restaurant has 2 floors, the lower one is organized for staff activities and the upper one is intended to be the guest lounge. 

This turned out to be quite a convenient idea as all the unnecessary commotion is easily avoided, especially during the rush hours.

The upper floor is split into two parts. The modern one suited for the common guests and the other one renovated in the demeanour of the traditional Bosnian dining room for those in quest of the complete experience of Bosnian culture.

Show me the way to the MM restaurant


The restaurant offers a wide selection of food, from those expected to be in the menus of a regular restaurant like breakfasts, sandwiches, pasta, and barbecue to those traditional ones that justify the reputation it proudly carries. 

The traditional food goes all the way from peasant soup, bays pottage, pepper meat, cabbage rolls, Neretva trout, Herzegovinian fritters, and many others to desserts that most of the people could only taste during religious holidays or other special occasions.


The staff was genuinely welcoming and helpful. Determined to answer to all of the guest’s curiosity and give personal recommendations. 

On the mere end of the visit, it had to be mentioned to staff that flavors were so familiar. „That is because these are the tastes of home“ – said, waiter.

We could do nothing else, but, absolutely agree.


If you are coming alone, or in the group, the restaurant „MM“ could prove to be the right place for you, since it offers a wide selection of meals.

However, we recommend you come in the early lunch hours. That is when meal selection is at its peak, so you should hurry before it gets picked first by someone luckier and more hungry.

Whatever you choose to eat, we assure you, the restaurant „MM“ is a place where no mistakes can be made.

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