The Most Famous Mostar Bridges to Know About

Mostar is the city of bridges. You’ve all probably heard about the Old Bridge, but how well do you know other mostarian bridges? Now is the time to meet all of them!

Mostar and its Bridges


The name Mostar can be found in local legends about “Mostari“, famous guards of the legendary Old Bridge. You can get a glimpse of three different era’s in a few hundred meters. Tourists can explore architecture from Ottoman empire, Austro Hungarian epoch and communism.

Mostar is the city of bridges. You’ve all heard about the Old Bridge, and it is most likely the reason of your visit to Mostar. But how well do you know other Mostar bridges? Now is the time to meet all of them!

About Mostar bridges

The first bridge which that you will encounter is “Most Hasana Brkića “. You can find it in the city zone. It was built during Yugoslavia in 1980. Along with most other bridges, it was completely destroyed during the war. “Hasana Brkića bridge” was destroyed on June 11, 1992, and rebuilt in a few post-war years. It links two settlements, Čekrk and Tekija. Hasan Brkić was a Yugoslav and Bosnian communist and partisan.


Moving upstream to the north, on the banks of the river Neretva, you can notice a war ruin which gives us a short reminder of the war brutality. These ruins are from “Kamenica” ( footbridge during the war ).

Next stop is a “Mujaga Komadina” bridge or Lučki most( name used by locals ) and it connects two streets, Mahala and Luka. Furthermore, the former mayor of Mostar named the bridge and it is a first concrete bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1913.


In the heart of Mostar, we encounter famous Stari Most (Old Bridge), built during Ottoman Empire in 1566, on the demand of Suleiman the Magnificent.

The Famous Old Bridge

The Old Bridge is a symbol of Mostar and his surroundings and there are thousands of stories, paintings, legends and artistic expressions about his beauty. In July 2005, UNESCO listed Old Bridge and Old City as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Stari most

Further to the north we can see a small bridge “Bunur” built during the war and was the only connection between eastern and western banks of the river Neretva. Every year, in the traditional diving competition, they use the Old Bridge. Mostar has been the host for this for the last 450 years.

Standing on Bunur, facing north, there is no way not to notice bridge Musala. While the Ottoman Empire started the construction, it was the Austro-Hungarian Empire that finished it in 1873. From the name “King Franz Joseph I” to “Tito’s Bridge“, to current name “Musala”, this bridge is the second oldest bridge in Mostar.


Mostar is not just the Old Bridge. Photo @Sanjin Fajic

The last bridge in the urban city zone is Carinski most“. This is another bridge that the war destroyed. Austro-Hungarian soldiers built the bridge in 1918 with a name “King Carlo’s Bridge“. After that renamed into “King Alexander” and during Yugoslavia “Ivo Lola Ribar“. This bridge was first rebuilt after the war and since then, locals prefer to call it “Carinski”.

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