Spanish Square

The main square in Mostar, considered to be a central spot of the city.

Central Square in Mostar


If you are coming to Mostar, make sure to take a walk through or stop by at Spanish Square. It is one of the main spots the city, a place where everything (and everyone) is intersecting. The square will give you a bit different picture of Mostar then the Old Bridge and older part of the town. City park, gymnasium building, promenade, city hall and government institutions, coffee bars, theatre, street art building from where the amazing view on the whole of Mostar is spreading – all of that can be found in the close area around the square. Spanish square is only 5-10 minutes of walking distance from the Old Bridge. It’s a perfect place to take a rest, eat and drink something, or just to sit and enjoy the sunsets.

The name of the square – Spanish square, was given to it in 1995. The city of Mostar gave the name in honour of 21 killed Spanish troops at UNPROFOR in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The square is connected with one of the most beautiful promenades in the city called “Lenin’s Promenade“. It got its name in 1945, and before that, it was called “Stephanie’s promenade“, in honour of Princess Stephanie. She was the wife of Prince Rudolf, son of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph I.

Spanish Square is also connected with the biggest park in the city called Park Zrinjevac. All of this makes it the perfect place for tourists to come, take a rest and to enjoy the peace. Besides that, there you will often find children’s laughter, people singing, dancing, skateboarding and doing many other things.

Beautiful Old Gymnasium building


The main building that is dominating the Spanish square is one called Gimnazija Mostar. It is also known as Stara Gimnazija (Old Gymnasium). The construction of this beautiful building was finished in 1902, and it was one of the oldest and most elite schools in ex Yugoslavia. For a long time, it carried a name after a most famous poet in Mostar history – Aleksa Šantić but nowadays is referred to as Old Gymnasium.

This building was built in Moorish Revival architectural style also known as Neo-Moorish style. It has many decorations inspired by the Alhambra palace in Spain. Today, it is also listed as one of the national monuments so make sure to check it out.

The Old Gymnasium building is surely a great sight to see. In the colours of the sun, it will bring you the true spirit of Mostar as one of the sunniest cities in Europe.


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