Sniper Tower

Sniper Tower – an urban legend

Today in Mostar you hew few iconic construction that are well known as a symbol of Mostar. Of course, when you think on this city you immediately start to think on Old Bridge, a bridge that made Mostar and Herzegovina so famous. There is also beautiful Old Gymnasium located on the main city square, Spanish Square, which is also beautiful sight to see. But, next to it there is one famous building that is also famous but not that beautiful.

Sniper Tower today is just one abandoned building. The latter used to be a bank, once, but during the Bosnian War it was repurposed as a sniper tower. And it wasn’t just the bank, it was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, all covered in glass. Because of that, local inhabitants call it “Glass Bank” even now, even though there is no single piece of glass on it. Ironic right? Now the building’s a wreck – untouched since the war and left to stand like some grim memorial above Mostar.

Sniper Tower has become an urban legend. Young people from the town and many tourists too come here and climb on it to enjoy the view that you have from it. Also, it is “home” for many artists who find their inspiration here and draw numerous diverse graffiti.

Few useful tips for those who want to visit it

If you want to visit Sniper Tower in Mostar you need to be aware of a few things. First of all, this is not a touristic location so you won’t be surrounded by many people. We would recommend you to go by the day because it is much safer. There is so much debris, shattered glass and old office equipment and in some places, there is no security fence. Also, try not to go alone there. Try to go with someone you know or ask for help from some local people you met in your accommodation. You will feel much safer for sure

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