Ramsko Lake, Franciscan Monastery Rama-Šćit & Ethnographic Museum

Astonishing Ramsko Lake

Ramsko Lake is another hidden gem in Herzegovina region, among many others. But this one is really special. In the northern part of the region, about 80 km from Mostar, you will find one of the most beautiful sights in the whole of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is not a country of big cities. Instead, the beauty of it lies in smaller towns, villages and municipalities with beautiful landscapes. Town of Prozor is one of them. A small town in northern Herzegovina, with not much to see. But if you drive 10 km further, you will witness spectacular scenery. A fairytale-like Ramsko Lake and in the middle of it, a beautiful Franciscan Monastery Šćit, a place full of history.

You can read more about monastery in other part of the text.

Ramsko Lake is actually an artificial lake. It was created in 1968 on the river Rama in Prozor-Rama municipality, after government have built Rama Dam. Many locals were not pleased with that act of government, because the flooded terrain was very fertile. But today, they can’t imagine their lives without this wondrous lake.

Ramsko Lake is unexplored treasure, and has special charm in its unique shape combined with stunning nature surrounding it. Located in the mountainous area, the lake is curving around the numerous hills and offering a breathtaking views. Climb on any bigger hill or mountain and enjoy spectacular view!

Most of tourists haven’t heard of Ramsko Lake, let alone to discover it. Thus, it is uncrowded with people and you will enjoy this beautiful nature in peace. If you’re tired of tourist hustle, visiting Ramsko Lake will definitely loosen you up and return you to nature. But words can’t describe this place, you must experience it by yourself! Also, for the past few years, the lake is a training base for few national rowing teams, like Croatia and Australia.

Heritage of Monastery & Ethnographic Museum Šćit

If you think it’s all about Ramsko Lake, you were wrong. The beautiful as it is, the lake would be less amazing without Franciscan Monastery Rama-Šćit. Proudly standing in the middle of the lake, with road leading to it, this picturesque monastery is a witness of rich history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The franciscans built the monastery in 15th century, before the arrival of the Ottomans. It was destroyed few times throughout history, but rebuilt again every time. The monastery also served as  prison during communism time in ex Yugoslavia. Around the museum there are also beautiful sculptures, like famous “Rama Cross” and “The Last Supper”, from eminent Croatian sculptors.

About turbulent life of franciscans and this area through the history, a lot of things will tell you The Ethnographic Museum. The Museum is located in the old monastery, and is a unique building in Bosnia and Hercegovina. It is the only institution of this kind from the time of Turkish rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1857. Šćit was located by the river Rama in a fertile valley until the time the dam was built. After that, the monastery and the buildings surrounding it are left on a small peninsula.

The Ethnographic Museum in Šćit tells a different story, different from other museums. There you will find rich collection of the old way of living in Rama area. On the two floors there are exhibitions of old crafts, economy, transportation means, and housing culture. The third floor represents textile work – the production process and all kinds of products in use. There is also a fraternal monastery cell. The fourth floor represents a flora with a hundred of the most common plants with names and basic characteristics and fauna – the family of animals in full life form.

All of this makes this museum really special and one of the richest in whole country in terms of ethnography.

The whole cultural landscape, the monastery and the museum are proclaimed as national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visiting all of them will definitely make your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina memorable!

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