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Prenj – beauty among mountains!

Prenj is not a mountain – it is a line often heard from many experienced mountaineers who climbed most of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian mountains.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land of amazing mountains.

Mountain Prenj is, considered by many, the most beautiful, the most attractive, yet the roughest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the fourth highest mountain in the country, and people often call it ‘Herzegovinian Himalayas‘.

What you need to know

The name Prenj is derived from Perun, the supreme deity of Slavic mythology. It is a mountain massif in northern Herzegovina. Located about 35 km from Mostar, if hiking from Rujište near Mostar, or even 60-70 km, if you are going to Jablanica or Konjic, and then hike from there.

It has a lot of peaks over 2000 meters. The highest one is Zelena Glava, or translated Green Head, which is 2155 meters high. After Zelena Glava the highest ones are Lupoglav  (2105m), Osobac (2099m) and Otiš (2097m). Prenj is surrounded by lakes – Boračko, Jablaničko, Grabovičko, and Salakovac, as well as the rivers Neretva, Bijela, Ljuta, Neretvica, and Drežanka.  In the bottom of the mountain three cities are laying- Jablanica, Konjic, and Mostar. From each city, trails are leading to the massif and mountain objects. Indicative, all trails to Prenj are starting from canyons – Bijela, Idbar, Šanica, and Potoci. Each trail to Prenj is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Beautiful Prenj

The most significant features of Prenj are beautiful peaks, serpentine cliffs, karst, enchanting green meadows, where you can often see wild horses and sheep, mountain pines – among other trees. Air is fresh and clean, and the sun is bright. But the most beautiful thing once you climb the peaks of Prenj is – the view. It is simply breathtaking, it goes for hundreds of kilometers and disappears in the distance. From the top of it you can see surrounding mountains – Čvrsnica, Velež, Bjelašnica, and Visočica. When the weather is clear, the view can spread all the way to the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Maglić, and even to the Adriatic Sea on the other side.


Prenj is an unpredictable mountain and it is not recommended to climb it on your own, especially if it’s your first time! If you decide to climb it on your own anyway, please pay attention to these: Get as much information as you can and get hiking maps of the mountain. Inform your friends about your climbing. Supply yourself with plenty of water, food, and fruits. Dress properly and follow the marked trails or at least well-trodden paths. 

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