Koćuša Waterfall

Shiny pearl called Koćuša

Western Herzegovina hides many natural treasures that are unexplored even for people of Herzegovina. One of them, for sure, is Koćuša Waterfall. Smaller brother of a well-known Kravica Waterfall is located on the same river as Kravica – Trebižat River.

Trebižat River is full of waterfalls. Actually, this river has 9 different names, and it changes them through its course. Before this waterfall the river is called Mlade and after it the river becomes Trebižat.
Koćuša Waterfall impresses firstly because of its length. It is more than fifty meters wide, which with five meters of height slopes, makes an imposing water slide. But numbers can’t describe you the real feel when you stand in front of it. It feels like the waterfall is all around you and the sound of it is quite loud. However, the best thing about it is the cold refreshment that you will feel in the air which is lifesaving in the summer time in Herzegovina.

The idyllic atmosphere of greenery, rocks and water is enriched with constructions of some other, older, time that are still untouched – first of all mills. This buildings, that were crucial for living in the past time, today are only touristic attractions.

Enjoy the peace

In competition of his older brother Kravica Waterfall, Koćuša Waterfall can offer you something different. While in the Kravica Waterfall you will find a lot of tourists, on Koćuša Waterfall you can enjoy your peace and in the same time find refreshment and have good time.

Besides that, there is a really nice restaurant called Natural Water Park Koćuša. It will offer you local food specialties and cold drinks as a refreshment. Perfect place to go to take a break if you are visiting Međugorje, Archaeological Museum in Humac or The Fortress of herceg Stjepan in Ljubuški.

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