Golden rules of visiting Mostar

Plan your visit to Mostar with this travel guide that will help you explore the city. We bring you the list of all the things you should know when visiting Mostar but will not find in any other tourist guide.

Planning to visit Mostar,  our beautiful city?  You have already booked one of the best Mostar apartments or villas? Are you planning just a short city tour?  If your answer is yes to any of these questions then keep on reading for you should keep some things in mind when visiting Mostar.
The weather during the summer can get really hot and the Old Town streets are not that footwear friendly. But don’t worry, that’s what this list is for, now let’s get you caught up!

Bring appropriate clothes with you

Now when we say appropriate, we mean light coloured T-shirts. „Why?“ – You might ask. Well, it’s because the weather can get really hot, like +40 °C and walking down crowded streets under the warm summer sun can be a bit much for someone. The light coloured T-shirts don’t absorb as much light from the sun, so it will still be bearable to walk long distances through the city.

What is the best time to avoid on Mostar visit

While on the topic of the weather you should be warned that most people choose to avoid spending too much time on the streets from 2 PM till 6 P.  This is because around this time Mostar gets really hot. The highest temperature recorded this summer was 42 °C, and it isn’t uncommon for people to get dehydrated and sometimes even fall unconscious.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Mostar-Old-town-Hit-Booker-1 Golden rules of visiting Mostar
Try not to be too much exposed to the sun between 2-6 PM while visiting Mostar

Be careful when walking around Old Town

No, we don’t mean someone might mug you, we literally mean be careful of the streets. The cobbled path in the Old Town can be tricky for tourists.  The road can be really slippery and uncomfortable to walk on, so be mindful where you’re walking while visiting Mostar. Baby strollers and bikes aren’t the best things to ride around the Old Town as well, so be careful when and where you ride them. Don’t forget to bring shoes that are lightweight and have thick soles.

And a tip for the ladies: for the love of God don’t walk around in high heels in the Old Town. It’s a nightmare trust us 🙂

Visit Mostar and bring lots and lots of water

Pretty self explanatory, but really important as well. Bring lots and lots of water with you when you go out, or be prepared to buy some in the local stores. You need to stay hydrated so you keep yourself fresh during the heat. It’s one of the biggest mistakes tourist make when visiting Mostar and Herzegovina. So be careful and stay hydrated.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Mostar-heat-Hit-Booker Golden rules of visiting Mostar
Summers in Mostar can get really hot

How to get around town

Hands down the best mode for transportation when visiting Mostar is a taxi. But don’t be fooled, not all taxis are equal. Never pick taxis off the street, especially ones that don’t have a classic taxi sign on them. If by any chance you do get into one of them you won’t be surprised that they charge you almost 3-4 times as much as a normal taxi.

So stay clear of them and if you need a taxi while visiting Mostar we’d recommend calling any one of taxi numbers : 1599, 1503, 1504, 1506 1507.

Finding a parking spot in Mostar

Once you visit  Mostar, you might notice that there are not that many parking garages or parking spots. It’s mostly because everybody parks on the side of the road or they have their own spot next to their house or building. But don’t be afraid, for there is always a solution.

Usually parking lots have spaces available and they cost you about 5€ per day. There are a couple of parking lots in the Old Town area and next to the under-construction hotel Mariott. And another one next to the Franciscan church.

Visit Mostar and taste local food and delicacies

Finding delicious food in Mostar is no hard task at all, be it the local food you find at street vendors scattered throughout the Mostar town or the more immersive grilled deliciousness that you find in restaurants in Old Town and it’s vicinity. Some of our favorite meals include ćevapi, japrak, sarma, dolma, uštipci and peksimeti and many more. Your best bet is to choose anything you find delicious on the menu and try your best not to drool all over yourself.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Mostar-Delicious-Food-Hit-Booker Golden rules of visiting Mostar
Delicious food is not hard to find when visiting Mostar

Places to relax when visiting Mostar

Now if you are looking for some places where you can just sit down, relax, have a drink and listen to the Neretva river flowing through the heart of Mostar your best bet are a couple of places in Old Town. We recommend going to either one of these places: Mio Pasto, Restaurant Divan, Restaurant Lagero. They offer great services and the food is great as well.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Divan-Hit-Booker-10-1 Golden rules of visiting Mostar
Peaceful ambience of Restaurant Divan ‘ perfect stop on your visit to Mostar

Visiting Mostar and Nightlife

While not as exciting as New York Or Shanghai, Mostar offers more fun and social kind of nightlife where you can explore random cafes and clubs and meet new people every day. While the music selection isn’t overwhelming, we recommend some great places to grab a beer and have a great time. If you want to attend live shows we highly recommend Black Dog Pub. They have live performances every week (during the season every night) and sometimes have Pub quizzes. There are also a couple of clubs like Ali Baba and Daleka Obala that offer a club nightlife.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours Ali-Baba-Hit-Booker-5 Golden rules of visiting Mostar
Ali Baba Night Club, in the heart of the Old Town

Be wary of gypsies

No, they won’t put a curse on you, don’t worry. Many people don’t know this but there is a percentage of the population in Mostar that are Romani people, that are borderline homeless and penniless. They are usually on the streets almost every day in harsh weather begging for money. Most of them are children. And while it is sad to see something like that, you can either help them by giving them some money or ask them if you can buy them food or water or not giving them anything at all.

But bare in mind if you give them the money, they don’t get to keep it, instead, they have to give everything to their „superiors“. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you.

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