Global Trends in Traveling

Traveling Destination Trends in 2018/19.

In 2018. there was a rise in the number of travels taken in the world. This rising trend will surely continue in the upcoming year. In this article, we will show you some of the trending destinations.

1. Anguilla, Caribbeans

The first place that was a hot topic not only in 2018 but also in the previous years was Anguilla. It is located in the Caribbeans. The reason for this is the beaches which are characteristically attractive in the Caribbeans. The long white sand beaches are spread for miles at a time. This place was a major global trend due to the amount of the honeymoons taken and the number of families who visited it.

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2. Namibia

The next spot that was a huge trend in travelling was Namibia. Namibia is a place kept secret from the eyes of the most people and one that keeps the Namib Desert, a rare desert that actually touches the sea. This location was a trend due to its pink and orange dunes which intertwine with the seaside.

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Another top spot on this list is reserved for Australia. Australia is a memorable place that has both the historical value in the cities such as Sydney and Brisbane and the traditional elements in the “bush” with the indigenous people of Aborigines. It’s a place that is a must-visit for every wanderlust individual that is eager for something uncommon.

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4. Croatia

For those who seek something similar to Australia, but closer to Europe, we present a trend that is a must go place while traveling – Croatia. Croatia is attractive to tourists due to its polar nature. With its seaside on the west of the country and its flat land on the east provides a contrast through which you can see everything. It is also surrounded by countries that hold equally interesting backgrounds, both historical and natural. Only hours away from Croatia- those being Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. Through the tour of these Balkan states, one really feels the zest of the nature, people and history of these lands.

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5. Patagonia, Argentina

While you can find wonders in Croatia and Australia, Patagonia, Argentina, offers epic landscapes and appeals to the tourists as the last untouched places in the world. This place is specific as it presents to the world the contrast between the emptiness of the desert and the snow-capped Andes. In addition to this, the sky is so clear due to the lack of pollution and Milky Way. Sometimes, the southern lights can be seen with little ease. Due to the full solar eclipse in May of 2019., this place will remain a top trend in traveling.

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6. Turkish Riviera

The final global trend that is taking the world is the Turkish Riviera. It is an amazing but affordable alternative to party-oriented location around the world. Firstly, recognized by The British Airways, it has given ground to an enormous population in both the eyes of young party animals and the families that search for a cheap but amusing location in the Orient. The coastal town offers affordable and accessible location such as beaches of Datca and Bozburun. They were relatively unknown to the world before. With the value of the Turkish lira has fallen, the Turquoise Coast remains a well-priced, chic alternative for Europeans who want to swim, sail, eat and party.

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These global trends are accessible through popular traveling sites such as TripAdvisor, AirBnB and All of them are offering venues that range from the most comfortable hotels to the cheap hostels that provide the resting place for all of those young, party-driven individuals. We recommend you to go and visit some of these places and experience why they are the most trending locations in the entire world.

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