Top 5 Eco Attractions in Herzegovina That You Should See

The rich Eco World of Herzegovina

When you plan a visit to Herzegovinadestinations that you put on your visit list are the numerous historical monuments of the rich and eventful history. However, Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Nature sites, parks, ecosystems, numerous rivers, lakes and mountains make this country an utopia. The heavenly sights and the fresh air will make your adventures an enormous pleasure. These are the top five eco-attractions in Herzegovina.

Hutovo Blato Nature Park

In 1995. Hutovo Blato was established as a Nature Park. Furthermore, in 1998., because of the huge variety of bird species, it became a nationally important bird habitat.

Located on the south of Herzegovina, this sub-Mediterranean swamp jewel, sometimes called ”green oasis has been known for having a very rich flora and fauna. Being only about 15km away from the Adriatic sea, you can see and feel the influence on the climate and the ecosystem.

The flora is rich with over 600 different species. Moreover, the fauna is equally important with over 200 species. A good number of wildlife is covered by the huge diversity of birds. It has been known as an internationally important habitat for birds, counting 163 bird species.

You can experience all this in a number of tours. Take a boat tour through the river, or take a hike and experience the amazing blend of vegetation and wildlife.

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Hutovo Blato Birds

Kravica Waterfall

Who does not love water and a beautiful sight of waterfalls? During the hot summers in Herzegovina, everyone wants to cool down. One of the most beautiful places and eco-attractions to visit is Kravica waterfalls. Located on the Trebižat river about 40 km from Mostar, this place will leave you speechless.

Experience the beautiful and mesmerizing sight walking down the narrow road to reach the paradise on earth. The 30m waterfall is sublime when you finally reach it. Moreover, it is surrounded by several smaller waterfalls and a clear still water area which you can swim in.

As the restaurant and a coffee shop is nearby, you are able to spend your whole day in this wonderful place. Likewise, you can try kayaking as well if you are an adventurer. When you leave, it will carve itself into your mind and you will want to return.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours kravice-1 Top 5 Eco Attractions in Herzegovina That You Should See
Kravice Waterfall view

Vjetrenica Cave

Located about 80km from Mostar, near Ravno, Vjetrenica cave is one of the most important cave systems. More specifically, it is situated in a beautiful valley Popovo polje. You will experience the signature feature of the entrance of the cave which are the cold blowing winds. Moreover, the cave has been named after these winds.

The cave stretches about 6 kilometers in a system of canals. There have been many archaeological discoveries during the years, including the wall drawings and bones from different species. You can also find lakes, waterfalls and streams inside the cave system, which add to this amazing eco-attraction.

Vjetrenica cave has been known for the vast bio-diversity, counting over 200 endemic species living in the caves. You can take a tour to visit the cave because it is something you don’t want to miss.

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Inside of Vjetrenica Cave

Buna spring, Blagaj

The spring of river Buna is the biggest karst spring in Europe. It is located near Blagaj. The annual average flow of water is around 43 cubic meters per second. Furthermore, the water is running from a 15 meter wide cave. Moreover, it is extremely clean and cold.

Dervish Tekija is situated in the near proximity of the spring. It is a structure that they built in a beautiful Balkanian style. Furthermore, the spring is the home of the endemic species of trout which you can enjoy eating in the restaurant.

This should be a priority on your bucket list, considering the beauty of this place. It is an unforgettable and unique sight and experience.

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Buna Spring in Blagaj

Sutjeska National Park

You can find this national park spreading across the borders of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is the largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Important to note is that the park is only partly in Herzegovina, but all three parts are equally important.

The highest mountain peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located here. Furthermore, you can find one of the only 2 primeval forests in Europe here. Waterfall Skakavac is an amazing 75 meters miracle that provides a beautiful sight. However, it is located in the vastness of the green trees in the valley.

You can walk or hike through the park or on the mountain Zelengora. Furthermore, you can see a variety of animals. The park features 300 different species including bears and wolves. This will be a perfect location for your soul and mind to purify from the urban chaos.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours zelengora Top 5 Eco Attractions in Herzegovina That You Should See
Sutjeska National Park

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