From Dubrovnik and Sarajevo to Mostar Road Trip

How to get from Dubrovnik to Mostar and what to see along the way. Hear some local tips about the borders. Experience the beautiful ride from Sarajevo to Mostar as well.

From Dubrovnik to Mostar

Herzegovina is indeed a great vacation destination at any time, especially from april to october.
The april air temperatures have not yet reached tropical values, the nights are really beautiful.
If you want  to come and visit Mostar from Dubrovnik, you can take a bus and you will need a 3 hours pleasant ride and enjoyable sightseeing.

You can also take a rent-a-car, in that case, we recommend  you to cross the Ivanica border  and  visit another beautiful Herzegovina town of Trebinje. When crossing the Ivanica border in the peak season, be aware of possible long lines.You should not go through Trebinje unless you have visited Arslanagića Bridge and have a drink in the most famous city cafe Hotel Platani. On the way to Trebinje you can find some really good restaurants, in the city of Trebinje, like Drijen, Studenac and Stara Hercegovina.

The road from Trebinje to Mostar leads through Ljubinje and Stolac. You can stop to relax or visit Radimlja and Daorson, the former capital of the Hellenistic Illyrian tribe Daorsi, who once lived in the Neretva valley. After about two hours of pleasant ride through southern Herzegovina you will arrive in Mostar. 

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Main routes and border crossings

The fastest route from Dubrovnik to Mostar is Dubrovnik – Neum – Opuzen – Metković – Čapljina – Mostar. The road is in great condition, as most of it has been recently reconstructed. Over half length of the trip you will drive through beautiful Dubrovnik riviera. As you drive, you will enjoy beautiful panorama, with plenty of rest stops and lookouts by the road. We recommend taking this route outside the peak season (20.7. – 20.8.). Why you might ask?  Because when you take the trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar, in tight area of Neum you need to take three border crossing points. In the peak season, 4 km lines can be formed, and the average waiting time can rise up to 3 hours. If you want to take the route anyway, we recommend to hit the road in the early morning hours (6 am – 7 am), or late at evening (11 pm – 12pm).

Alternative crossing

There is also an alternative to both Ivanica and Neum borders. It is a local border crossing point called Čepikuće, unfamiliar to most of the tourists. It is usually used by locals, and there is a small chance you’ll have to wait long to cross it. If you decide to take this crossing point, be cautious. Get well informed which roads you need to take. Also bear in mind that this border is used mostly by locals, so there aren’t many road signs. The roads are also in not very good condition like on the two main routes.

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From Sarajevo to Mostar


If you are coming to Mostar from Sarajevo, you will need two hours of joyful ride heading south. After one hour of driving amid the green hills, you’ll enter the small town of Konjic. Konjic is unofficially considered the place where Bosnia meets Herzegovina. It is the ‘AND’ in ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’. And the exact spot, that connects Bosnia with Herzegovina, is believed to be Stara Ćuprija Bridge. It is one of the finest bridges from Ottoman period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1682. You shouldn’t leave Konjic before seeing It.

Enjoy beautiful scenery

After heading  further to the south, you will pass the beautiful scenery and enjoy the beauty of Jablanica Lake surrounded by high mountains. If you feel hungry you can pull over near small picturesque town called Jablanica. When you decide to stop you will see dozens of small, open air  restaurants serving grilled lamb. Eating outside in the fresh air is something that you should not miss. By the way, you can buy a fresh trout nearby. While you’re there you should also visit Museum ‘Battle for the Wounded on Neretva’. It is a museum dedicated to ‘Battle of Neretva’ in World War II. Next to it is a famous bridge, which was blown up for the purposes of making a movie of the same name. It was the most expensive movie made in ex Yugoslavia.

Once you leave Jablanica, you’ll enjoy scenic ride down to the south, through the canyon of Neretva. If you’re not taking a road trip, then we would highly recommend taking a train ride. It is an amazing two-hour journey that you’ll definitely remember. Sitting back in a modern and comfortable train while enjoying breathtaking scenery, from green hills, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and canyons – is really a trip you don’t wanna miss.

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View on Prenj mountain on the way to Mostar. Photo: Dženad Džino

Welcome to Mostar

Now you‘ve finally arrived to Mostar. It is a town illuminated by the light, the positive energy and hospitality that is felt in every citizen.

Mostar is a city of bridges. That old man, I mean Old bridge, you  can not pass-by . In this city you will be able to meet and gather with positive people.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours HIT-MOSTAR From Dubrovnik and Sarajevo to Mostar Road Trip
Mostar – Old Bridge

Stroll through the streets of Mostar, eat and have fun

To enjoy good food is enough to stay in the old town center because there you can really find the best food, from  vegetarian offer in the Aščinica Balkan, to  traditional Bosnian cuisine at  Šadrvan restaurant, and of course fantastic barbecue offer in Hindin Han .

Hindin Han  is the best restaurant, in our humble opinion. Maybe cats will bother you for I while, but they are all pets friendly you know.  You can relax while you eat and listen Radobolja river eagerly wants to connect with Neretva. Meet many people from all over the world  trying to compete with  Mostar’s cobblestone, and yet nobody is bothered and no one is tense or nervous, they are all waiting to see what’s still hidden in narrow streets.

You can spend pleasant evenings in the Black Dog Pub, a great place for younger people with live music, enjoying rock, gypsy, jazz, fado or something else equally fantastic. They have excellent beer selection, I always choose  craft because it’s better, different.

If you still dont want to go home, you have more energy, there is a nightclub in the cave, called Ali Baba. DJs are in charge of your getaway to early morning hours. Go ahead, have a party.

Mornings are peaceful, while you drink bosnian  coffee from fildžan (cute, small coffee cup ) youll want to capture that perfect moment forever, and take it out from your memory in the cold winter nights, somewhere in your homeland.

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