Best things to do in Mostar in one epic video!

All of you travelers, planning your Mostar vacation must be looking for two things – best apartments in Mostar  to call home during your holiday and top things to do in Mostar. Let’s get into that! 

First you might want to watch this amazing Go-pro video that takes you through some of the best sites and things to see in Mostar in the first person perspective. But make sure you don’t leave before checking out our tips that only locals know that will make your Mostar vacation the high peek of your holiday.  

Now let’s cover some amazing destinations and activities found in the video. But not only those, we will give you a full overview of the destinations, places and things to do in Mostar for you to choose from. 

Things to do in Mostar that would make your holiday fabulous!

Visiting Mostar  is always a good idea, for the historical city center and Old Bridge won’t leave anybody indifferent, and if you enjoy good food and like gastro delights, then you would certainly be coming back for more.

Mostar and Herzegovina  certainly have a lot to offer. Here there are, handpicked, some of our favorite activities and best things to do in Mostar.

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Walking tour Mostar – the landmarks that tell a tale.

In the first place is, of course, a Mostar walking tour. Simply because the walk around the town would give you an insight of the culture and history of the place, and, if you allow it, you could feel the ambience and the vibe of the local life.  

Whether you decide to do it on your own, or you pick a guided Mostar tour, there are several things you should have in mind.

First of all – take your time. Do not just run for a photo opportunity, you are neither slave to your camera nor to your Instagram/Facebook profile.  

There are plenty of Mostar landmarks and sightseeing places for you to discover, and plenty of beautiful things to see in Mostar, but if you just run from one to another and don’t allow yourself some time to contemplate and observe, experience, then you will eventually end up with a bunch of mixed up, perhaps beautiful, but eventually insignificant images, that won’t create a memory nor any special input and in the end you won’t be able to tell one place from the other. So take your time, watch and get soaked in. For when it comes to experiences it is always – quality first.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours free-walking-tour_hit-booker-2 Best things to do in Mostar in one epic video!

Among the most popular landmarks that you can see on your Mostar day trip are:

  • Old Bridge Mostar – a beautiful stone bridge, built in the mid 16th century. Today, it is the famous landmark and a home to the popular extreme diving competition, organized annually since 1968. If you’re lucky, you can even catch the accommodation near the Old Bridge 
  • Historical Old Town Mostar – is the oldest urban area, with cobbled streets and authentic houses with stone roofs, typical for the Herzegovina architecture. Today, very few people actually live here, and the houses are home to many cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries, in the heart of Old Town .
  • Musala Bridge – built in 1882 as Franz Joseph bridge, it changed the name to King Peter’s bridge, then to Marshall Tito’s bridge, till it was finally reconstructed in 2000 and named Musala bridge. It was crucial for the transportation and it was the first asphalted surface in Mostar.
  • Crooked bridge – is another stone bridge in the historical old town center. It was built on the model of the Old Bridge of Mostar.
  • Gimnazija Mostar – is an old gymnasium building, located on the Spanish square, first open in 1893. The very beautiful architecture style was inspired by the Alhambra palace. It is also a home to the United World College, opened by Jordan Queen Noor in 2006.
  • Glass bank building – is a ruin witnessing the destruction of war. It was an infamous sniper nest during the Bosnian war. Today, while still waiting for the reconstruction, it has been decorated with graffiti, the most famous one of them being “Zavadi pa vladaj” (Divide and conquer), reflecting on the current political situation in the country.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours HIT-SNIPER-3 Best things to do in Mostar in one epic video!

Mostar day trips – where nature meets culture.

Don’t hesitate to take Mostar day trips when in Herzegovina. You’re surrounded by pristine nature, rich history and amazing culture, in the close proximity to the town, and visiting those is a definite recommendation when it comes to things to see in Mostar.

  • Blagaj – this scenic village-town makes a perfect Mostar day trip, distanced only about 15km away. It is a home to the worldwide famous pilgrimage place, the Blagaj Tekke, a picturesque Sufi convent located on the beautiful Buna river spring. Once a dervish lodge, the Tekke of Blagaj is nowadays a museum and a home to a society of dervishes. Nested by two rivers, Buna and Bunica, and surrounded by beautiful nature, Blagaj is also home to Herceg Stjepan fortress, a popular hiking destination with a magnificent panoramic view to the valley and the settlement.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours HIT-BLAGAJ-4 Best things to do in Mostar in one epic video!

  • Kravica waterfall – about 40km from Mostar is another jam of nature, the beautiful Kravica waterfall (often called Kravice) on the Trebižat River. With the height of about 25m and a lake-like base, surrounded with the lush greenery, Kravica waterfall is considered to be the most beautiful and famous one in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a popular swimming and picnic area and many locals take a Kravice day trip from Mostar to escape from the city buzz and relax on one of the most scenic places in Herzegovina.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours 04_Bosnia_Kravica_Waterfalls Best things to do in Mostar in one epic video!

  • Rafting Mostar  – if you are feeling adventurous and want a first-hand experience of the Neretva river, then Mostar rafting might just be the thing for you. There are actually 2 rafting options – a whole day excursion to Konjic with rafting and lunch, and 5 bridges rafting in Mostar with an optional BBQ.

Hit Booker Mostar | Luxury Villas | Holiday Homes | Apartments | Rooms | Tours rafting3 Best things to do in Mostar in one epic video!

  • Wild horses at Bile – if you want to experience something different and truly unique then be sure to take your Mostar day trip to Bile, a village area in the hills surrounding the town. Bile is home to wild horses that roam freely around the area. There are 3 separate herds. Some of the horses were once domestic, but were freed during the 90’s and found their permanent home at Bile. The rest of them were born wild and mostly are not quite tame, but if you take your time to carefully approach them and feed them with apples or carrots, they might let you pet them.
  • Paragliding Mostar – another adrenaline activity and one of the cool things to do in Mostar. If you haven’t done paragliding before – this is a wonderful opportunity for it. The experienced instructors will make sure you enjoy and get the best of your tandem flight, and as a bonus – video and pictures are included.
  • Cycling tour  – is another great choice if you love nature and enjoy some training on the way. Following the historic railroad trail, reconstructed into a cycling track, this whole-day tour would take you from Mostar to Blagaj and historical Tekke, then to picturesque old town Počitelj, continuing further to a 4th century Roman villa rustica – Mogorjelo, and archeological monument Gabela, finishing the tour in Čapljina. The same former railroad, the so-called Ćiro trail, leads further through the hilly karsts of Herzegovina all the way to beautiful Vjetrenica cave, and this is an alternative route for a cycling tour, starting from Čapljina.
  • Rujište – a nature park nearby Mostar, it is home to a small ski resort. It is popular as a leisure destination all year round, due to the beautiful nature, fresh climate and health trails. If hiking or skiing (during the winter time) are among of your best things to do in Mostar, we definitely recommend visiting Rujište.

Among the things to do in Mostar – do not forget to relax and enjoy yourself.

Finally, Mostar is famous for its socializing phenomenon, which implies the well-known coffee culture  enjoyment during the daytime and great clubbing or pub-crawling during the evenings. People in Mostar love good music, and the town is home to many music festivals, the most famous one being the Mostar Summer Fest.

Nothing better than finishing a great day in a relaxing atmosphere, with a pint of beer and surrounded by friends and friends to be!

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